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Add SKU to WP e-Commerce 3.8.9 Admin Reports

WP eCommerce offers a feature where an email is dispatched to the administrator when an order is completed. WP eCommerce calls this email an “Admin Report”.

These emails are useful for order fulfilment, but they are lacking a key piece of data that you may need to fulfill an order: the product’s SKU.

I’m offering a patch to WP-eCommerce that will add the product’s SKU to the admin report.  The patch costs $10 and is available here: WPEC Admin Reports SKU

Note about Upgrades

WP-eCommerce version 3.8.9 does not contain the necessary hooks to enable this functionality, so the core files need to be modified. If you upgrade the WP-eCommerce plugin, this patch may need to be re-applied.

This version has been tested with WP-eCommerce version 3.8.9. It may work with newer versions, but proceed at your own risk.

Due to the unpredictability of WP-eCommerce plugin updates, the developer is unable to guarantee updates to this patch for future versions of WP-eCommerce.


To install this patch and enable the patch, simply copy the included purchase-log-notification.class.php to your /wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce/wpsc-includes/ directory. For your convenience, a copy of the original file is also included: purchase-log-notification.class.original.php


Updates, when available, can be found in this post and will be provided via email.