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How To: Test for a WordPress Custom Post Type

There instances where a WordPress developer may need to test whether a specific post is a Custom Post Type.  You can test whether a post is a specific Custom Post Type from within the loop, outside of the loop, or from within the Single Post view (single.php, single-*.php, and more). Testing for a Custom Post Type […]

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How To: Restore the Old Lifehacker & Gawker Layouts

With their new website design, Lifehacker lost me as a reader.  And I wasn’t alone—the readership of dropped almost 40% since the redesign. The localized versions of Gawker Media sites (Lifehacker included) have maintained their old design, but unfortunately, the RSS feed linked from (Canadian Lifehacker) is the same as the one at […]

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Problems With Large Menus (16+ Items) in WP 3.0

Some users of WordPress 3.0+ have a problem saving menus with more than 16 items. No error is displayed, but some menu items are missing when the menu is saved. If this is happening to you, your web server may have the Suhosin Hardening-Patch or Suhosin Extension for PHP installed. Suhosin is an advanced protection […]

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A Different Kind of URL Shortener

Short URLs are here to stay and some people aren’t too happy about it. While shortened URLs have some benefits, they have their problems too: If a URL shortening service stops working (or is shut down, like, the redirects are lost (commonly referred to as “link rot”). Cloaking a link’s destination using short URLs […]

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